STL files

All downloadable files are under the CC BY-NC-SA license. You can use them for other non-commercial 3D projects. You can alter the files as you like and share them as long as you:

  • credit me by posting a link to this blog
  • use the same license.

If you print the files, you don’t have to paint my name on any bases obviously, but if you give the files to someone else, please make clear where the file is coming from.

If you want to use the files in a commercial project, ask me. As long as it is not “I put the files on some platform and charge money for it” I am open to most things.

Aeldari files

Although the Aeldari are my main project and you will see many pictures of my conversion bits, I won’t share that many Aeldari files. This has three simple reasons: 

I have tremendous respect for Jes Goodwin and other designers, who shaped my favourite 40k race and I wouldn’t do anything that can be construed as cheapening their work. I want reach for the sky by standing on giants’ shoulders, but I don’t want to make any giants angry.

You cannot create Aeldari conversions that both fit the aesthetics and are not a copyright infringements. There are lots of proxies from very talented sculptors, which I personally like, but none of these creations fit truly the craftworld design. The proxy creators could have made them fit seamlessly of course, but then they wouldn’t be able to release them. Mixing two design aesthetics breaks the optics of the army for me. I absolutely love Infinity and the Lord of War 3D prints, but I wouldn’t mix them with Citadel miniatures. So I try to be as close as possible to the craftworld design. But the irrevocable consequence is that I can’t release the files. 

So this rules out, to sell the designs. But why wouldn’t I share them for other conversion aficionados?

The simple reaon is, that I want to use my miniatures for Armies on Parade and maybe a Grand Tournament and as long as I keep the files for me, they are “Citadel miniature + conversion” and thus should be allowed. But if I share the parts, they are “Citadel miniature + third party parts” and are banned. I won’t release anything I have used in the future either, because there is someone who makes the call if the miniatures are permissible or not. I won’t betray this person’s trust by releasing anything retroactively. Because sooner or later someone will try to use Armies on Parade to get perfect advertisement for their unreleased conversion parts. But this won’t be me.

So you will see lots of images of Aeldari accessoires that I have designed, but won’t release. Luckily there will be enough files for my side projects and technical Aeldari design to release. So please don’t ask me for Aeldari conversion bits. Unfortunately the answer will always be ‘No’.


Most of the images you see in this blog are my own. You can share them as long as you state where they are from.

In the rare case I use images from other artists, I will state this clearly.


If someone thinks, this is an official Games Workshop blog, think again. It is not.