Turn 2

Aeldari turn sequence reminder


I built this reminder because Warhammer 40k is a bit overwhelming at times. I always forget something important. While my friends are always gracious enough to allow me to rewind time a bit, I didn’t want to feel like a fool a couple of times per gaming evening. 

I decided against using a real alphabet instead of the Aeldari runes to keep the aesthetic consistent. So a little bit of Aeldari rune lore is advantageous to use this tray. If you have this covered, simply insert a flag at the appropriate place to remember that you have an important ability to use. There are two slots for every point in the turn sequence. 

Aeldari turn sequence reminder (3632 downloads )

The flags can either be magnetized or inserted directly into the slots. There are STL files for both options. If you use the magnetized version, there are five additional flags*. 

* I don’t know how useful the runes on the additional reminder flags are. If you have a better idea, please let me know. The sockets are designed for magnets with a 2 mm diameter and 1 mm height.   

Aeldari tracker set


This turn sequence reminder can be combined with a Strands of Fate tracker and a scoreboard. You can find these here on the blog or on Cults3D.

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