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Flesheater Courts Noble Deeds tracker

Noble knights, fair ladies,

I humbly present to you these assortment of instruments that assist you in your humble quest to track your many noble deeds.


Obviously this isn’t an official Games Workshop product, but they are intended to supplement the Age of Sigmar Flesheater Courts rules. Drop one of the dials next to your characters and keep track of your Noble Deeds points from one to six.


The dial cannot rotate accidentally if your clumsy opponent touches it in the heat of the battle. In order to move the dial, lift the upper portion, rotate it as you see fit and then let it slide back down into an arrested position.



Insert the decorated top into the dial. Don’t damage the teeth. Then, insert the lock piece from below into the socket and press it tight. Press only at the center of the lock piece. It is tight enough that it stays in place without glue.

Three of the counters and the dial are pre-supported.

I have reduced the scale of the hands so that the counters are not that dominant on the battlefield and don’t take attention away from your miniatures. This made the scale a bit uneven. If there is interest in the initially scaled version, please leave a comment.

May the lady bless your blade!

Happy Feasting!


Flesheater Courts Noble Deeds Counter (273 downloads )

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