Keeping tracks of one’s wounds is important business. Common practice is to use a good old D10, preferably in bloody red. But some heroes do not have a need for a full D10 – a D6 might be more apropriate. And for some warmachines and gods of the battlefield, nothing smaller than a D20 would do.

Some players use small trays for the wound dice, to avoid accidently tipping them over in the heat of the battle. While this is servivable, I thought that I can bring some additional flair to this practical solution.


I have created sockets that work for all the dice types at once. So you don’t have to bring trays for each of the dice types. Just slot the right size into it.


For an extra portion of flavour, besides the generic skull marker, there are markers for three well established factions: Adeptus Astartes, Eldar and Chaos.

Chaos Large2

Since space is a precious commodity in between the tight ranks of the clashing armies, I tried to keep the markers as small as possible. As a result. the Chaos one has two versions: one with the full eight-pointed star and one with a smaller footprint.

Chaos Small2 1

Have fun with it. I would love to see some pictures of painted markers or just some in use next to your armies. You can find me one Blue Sky or Reddit or as Panthemonium on Discord. I have some Blue Sky codes if you haven’t got access yet.

The files are .obj. The Eldar and Space Marines ones can be printed without a problem on a FDM printer, for the other ones I recommend a SLA printer.

Woundmarker Skull (2849 downloads )

Woundmarker Eldar (2882 downloads )

Woundmarker Astartes (2808 downloads )

Woundmarker Chaos (412 downloads )

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