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Aeldari Scoreboard

This scoring board is designed to track victory and command points. For the secondary there are frames where a handwritten piece of paper can be inserted. To track the actual points, there are dice sockets, which can hold either a 12mm D6, standard D10 or standard D20. Finally, for each battle round there is a flag that can be placed to track if a command point was already refunded or not.

Aeldari Scoreboard (3658 downloads )

The file will also be available on Cults3D.

  • 1 Primary victory points per Battle round
  • 2 Secondary missions
  • 3 Command points
  • 4 Command point refund flag holder
  • 5 Flag repository

Secondary mission 

The secondary mission tracker consists of dice sockets to track the victory points earned and a label to track which mission was picked. The label frame consists of two parts and a piece of paper, no larger than 9 x 31 mm, can be wedged in between. 

You have either one label per secondary mission available and put the chosen one in place. Or you have three label frames and exchange only the piece of paper every battle. Both of these methods work. You can place magnets into the frame, but this is optional.


The flags and secondary label frames have sockets for 2 mm diameter, 1 mm height magnets. An alternative pin flag is included that works without magnet and is inserted directly into the tray. But the magnetized version works better.

Aeldari gaming station


The scoreboard can be combined with a Strands of Fate tracker and a yet unreleased Turn Sequence Reminder.

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