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When the phoenix pantheon burns a last time in defiance. When the final battle is lost. When the ashes of our children grew cold. Only then we will rise again. Only then we will reclaim our heritage. Only then will we receive the prize of rebirth. Oblivion will spark new life. Oblivion will start a new cycle. Oblivion, the great gift.

Rhana Dandra cycle, stanza 23

What’s the mission statement of this blog?

  • Mainly I will talk about my long-time Aeldari project, Panthemonium, an Eldar doomsday cult, who believes the Eldar gods are not yet dead.
  • My AoS side projects will feature too. At this time, these are Nighthaunt and Gloomspite Gitz.
  • Sometimes I will do tutorials. 
  • Occasionally, I will share STLs I created for my projects.
  • Sometimes I will comment on game design and community stuff.