Panthemonium Aeldari army project

“Gia, least talked about goddess of the pantheon. Courtesan, dancer, consort of gods, radiant enigma. Bright mother in the shadow. Bringer of poisoned gifts. Loving conqueror. Beautiful. Terrible.”

Farseer Faladham’en

The Children of Gia are a doomsday cult with branches in every Aeldari society. Each subcult reveres a different deity, but they are united in their grotesque belief that Gia is the central goddess of the pantheon and Asuryan only a minor god, who abandoned his children in the face of their approaching doom. Thus breaking the cycle of destruction and rebirth that the children of Gia believe to have happened countless times in Aeldari history. 

A thousand Rhana Dandras that always led to the reascension of the race. For the Aeldari are kissed by the phoenix. But during the birth of Slaanesh, the last battle didn’t come. The destruction wasn’t complete. The race was barred from rebirth and sentenced to linger for millenia in an abhorrent diminished state.

Ynnari helmet of the cult

Unbeknownst to their brethren, in which midst they live, they scheme to force the Rhana Dandra to happen. It is their central prophecy that whenever the Aeldari race is near destruction, Gia births a child that heralds a new age. Slaanesh proved to be a false child, but with the birth of Ynnead, still-born son of Gia, the cult sees its chance to fulfill the prophecy at last. 

For the other Aeldari the Children of Gia are an aberration. Despised and mocked. Dangerous close to fanatical psychosis that plague the mon-keigh. With a mythology that has nothing in common with the traditions of the Aeldari, except for the name of the gods. 

Other Aeldari call the cult derisively Panthemonium. 

Weapon of Dread Avenger apect warriors

My big project is to create these cults. Each cult is dedicated to a different god, each with a darker take than usual. Some gods keep close to the lore, where there is already a broad foundation and which are in line with the overall theme of the project: death and desperation. Khaine and Ynnead fall into this category. Other gods stray farther from the lore the other Aeldari follow. The cult’s interpretation of gods like Asuryan, Isha and Gia is not as hopeful as you might expect.

I will touch on all Aeldari factions. Some of the subprojects exist only as ideas, which will inevitably change and shift around. But some subprojects are nearer to completion. The goal is to make one of them into an Armies on Parade board in 2024. Furthest along are:

  • Hoec – Songstriders – webway messengers with a penchant for flutes
  • Ynnead – Kinslayers – Ynnari that actively try to hasten Ynnead’s rebirth by murdering their siblings
  • Cegorach – The Winged Dirge – harlequins with a raven theme
  • Asuryan – Murderhost of Aelindrach – a curious combination, which needs more explanation later on
Scythe carried by many exarchs, whose temple converted to the Children of Gia
Turn 2

Aeldari turn sequence reminder


I built this reminder because Warhammer 40k is a bit overwhelming at times. I always forget something important. While my friends are always gracious enough to allow me to rewind time a bit, I didn’t want to feel like a fool a couple of times per gaming evening. 

I decided against using a real alphabet instead of the Aeldari runes to keep the aesthetic consistent. So a little bit of Aeldari rune lore is advantageous to use this tray. If you have this covered, simply insert a flag at the appropriate place to remember that you have an important ability to use. There are two slots for every point in the turn sequence. 

Aeldari turn sequence reminder (3635 downloads )

The flags can either be magnetized or inserted directly into the slots. There are STL files for both options. If you use the magnetized version, there are five additional flags*. 

* I don’t know how useful the runes on the additional reminder flags are. If you have a better idea, please let me know. The sockets are designed for magnets with a 2 mm diameter and 1 mm height.   

Aeldari tracker set


This turn sequence reminder can be combined with a Strands of Fate tracker and a scoreboard. You can find these here on the blog or on Cults3D.

Score 2

Aeldari Scoreboard

This scoring board is designed to track victory and command points. For the secondary there are frames where a handwritten piece of paper can be inserted. To track the actual points, there are dice sockets, which can hold either a 12mm D6, standard D10 or standard D20. Finally, for each battle round there is a flag that can be placed to track if a command point was already refunded or not.

Aeldari Scoreboard (3658 downloads )

The file will also be available on Cults3D.

  • 1 Primary victory points per Battle round
  • 2 Secondary missions
  • 3 Command points
  • 4 Command point refund flag holder
  • 5 Flag repository

Secondary mission 

The secondary mission tracker consists of dice sockets to track the victory points earned and a label to track which mission was picked. The label frame consists of two parts and a piece of paper, no larger than 9 x 31 mm, can be wedged in between. 

You have either one label per secondary mission available and put the chosen one in place. Or you have three label frames and exchange only the piece of paper every battle. Both of these methods work. You can place magnets into the frame, but this is optional.


The flags and secondary label frames have sockets for 2 mm diameter, 1 mm height magnets. An alternative pin flag is included that works without magnet and is inserted directly into the tray. But the magnetized version works better.

Aeldari gaming station


The scoreboard can be combined with a Strands of Fate tracker and a yet unreleased Turn Sequence Reminder.

Fate Twitter

Aeldari Strands of Fate tracker

Here we are. The first real download of this blog. I designed this Strands of Fate tracker a while ago to better match the Aeldari aesthetic. There is an area where you can store unused dice and then insert them into the 12mm dice sockets. 



Aeldari Strands of Fate tracker (3777 downloads )

The tray will is also available on Cults3D.

This tray is part of one of three Aeldari themed game helpers. The fate tray can be combined with a turn reminder and a scoreboard to form a single huge gaming station (coming soon). 

Cropped Cropped Ynnariicon.jpg

Hello world

When the phoenix pantheon burns a last time in defiance. When the final battle is lost. When the ashes of our children grew cold. Only then we will rise again. Only then we will reclaim our heritage. Only then will we receive the prize of rebirth. Oblivion will spark new life. Oblivion will start a new cycle. Oblivion, the great gift.

Rhana Dandra cycle, stanza 23

What’s the mission statement of this blog?

  • Mainly I will talk about my long-time Aeldari project, Panthemonium, an Eldar doomsday cult, who believes the Eldar gods are not yet dead.
  • My AoS side projects will feature too. At this time, these are Nighthaunt and Gloomspite Gitz.
  • Sometimes I will do tutorials. 
  • Occasionally, I will share STLs I created for my projects.
  • Sometimes I will comment on game design and community stuff.