Hexwraith conversions

Some months ago, I converted a unit of Hexwraith because the original GW unit doesn’t fit the Nighthaunt aesthetic anymore. I designed some bits in ZBrush and bought three boxes of push-fit Dreadblade Harrows. Surprisingly, the cost for this is on the same level as a modern cavalry unit and you get one spare model that you can use for its original purpose.


The paint job is not the best. And I have polished the bits since then. I have incorporated arms, chains and skulls and added a plate for the helmet to make it easier to attach it. So the images at the end of the post do not show the current bits. The render images show the downloadable bits.


Conversion instructions:

  • Right arm: cut at the elbow or where the arm leaves the cloak.
  • Left arm: cut where the arm leaves the cloak.
  • Head: (optional) remove the top of the head so that the head lantern thingy fits a little bit better
  • See the picture above to see where each piece goes. For both base models there are two variants with left-handed lantern and right-handed scythe. And one additional variant with right-handed scythe and left-handed lantern.
  • When you have found a suitable pose:
  • Drill 0.7 mm diameter holes into the cloak/arm pieces and attach the pieces with super glue and a piece of wire
  • Coat the contact area with additional super glue and attach a little bit of green stuff right into the glue (don’t use your fingers for this obviously). This increases the stability and cleans up the area at the same time.
  • Glue the helmet to the head. It looks better if you remove the top of the hood.

I would be super delighted if you post pictures of your conversions. And I am always open for feedback.


Is used the Heroic Human Skull from Red Warden Miniatures. Check out their complete awesome portfolio here.

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